• All Lee alumni have their story. They can recount many tales beginning with, “When I was at Lee …” and will share what the campus looked like, who their friends were, which professors helped shape their minds, and what life-changing moment God brought into their lives. The truth is, you are Lee. Your experiences contribute to the history of the university. Every person who has stepped foot onto the campus has shaped it, every bit as much as the bricks and mortar make up the location. And now you take your piece of Lee history and plant it into the world around you every day.

    Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

    Nathan Chapman
    Nathan Chapman,
    Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

    Nathan Chapman was named the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year during the President Circle Luncheon at Lee’s Homecoming. This award is the highest honor given by the university to alumni and is given to a graduate who is making advancements in his or her career, while also embracing the values that Lee embodies. “Nathan is a brilliant role model as someone who has succeeded in something that many of our students aspire to do,” said Lee president Dr. Paul Conn. “He knows who he is and takes his success with a grain of salt. We are proud of his career in the music industry and him.

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    Honorary Alumni of the Year

    Michael Seago
    Michael Seago,
    Honorary Alumn of the Year

    Lee University has named Michael Seago as the 2016 Honorary Alum. At the President’s Circle Luncheon during Homecoming 2016 last weekend, Seago accepted his award in front of the large crowd. “We look at Seago’s life, and we think that is the kind of person we wish had gone to Lee,” said President Paul Conn. “Mike has demonstrated qualities that Lee holds as extremely important. He represents a life well-lived.”

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    Film Fest


    Written and Directed by Beecher Reuning, this short film was awarded Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the 2012 Lee University Film Festival.  


    Regret, a short film by Nate Powers, is an official Broad Street Film Festival selection and nominee.  

    Restora's Melody

    Winner of Best Actress, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography in the 2012 Lee University Film Festival, comes "an experimental film short" by Santiago Ramirez Snaidero entitled Restora's Melody.  

    The Ride

    Grand Prize "In My Mind" Music video challenge from Kia Motors. Created by student Axel Arzola with Lee Alum Chad Guyton.